Georgia Workers Comp Benefits

Georgia Workers Compensation Benefits

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The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act was put into place to ensure that people that are injured on the job have a place to turn to for their medical bills. The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act also provides compensation for injured workers that have suffered a loss in income due to their injury.

The state of Georgia requires that Employers with three (3) or more employees carry workers’ compensation insurance. The Georgia Workers' Compensation Act provides that injured employees are entitled to: Medical Treatment:

Medical treatment for the injury at the employers’ expense. This includes but is not limited to rehabilitation, physical therapy, prescriptions and medications.

Temporary Total Disability:

Temporary Total Disability is a form of lost wages that equates to two-thirds of the average weekly wage of the employee. The cap for the average weekly wage is based on the year of the injury. Currently, the cap is set at $500.00 per week by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Temporary Partial Disability:

Temporary Partial Disability is a form of lost wages equating to two-thirds of the difference between the employee's pre-injury rate of pay and his actual wages after the injury if the employee returns to work on light-duty and sustains a loss in wage earning capacity or finds a new job with lower pay that accommodates his restrictions.

Permanent Partial Disability:

Permanent Partial Disability is a rating that you are assigned by your treating physician. Once a rating is assigned then a formula is used to determine monetary compensation for any permanent disability to the body.

Death Benefits:

Death Benefits are monetary benefits for family members or other individuals who were financially dependent on an employee who has passed away as a result of a workers' compensation injury.

Burial Expenses:

Burial expenses are costs associated with the funeral and burial of an employee who has passed away as a result of a workers' compensation injury.

Rehabilitation Supplies:

Rehabilitation supplies could be a number of things that aid the injured worker with his or her disability. Rehabilitation supplies include but are not limited to wheel-chairs, modified vehicles, renovations to the home of an injured employee, and orthopedic devices as ordered by your authorized treating physician.

The above list is not meant to be inclusive of all the benefits that an injured worker may receive under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. To ensure that your rights are protected and that you are receiving all benefits to which you are entitled, contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

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