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A Roadmap for Handling Auto Accidents in Atlanta

Avoiding an automobile accident is not always an option, but your reaction after one occurs may be significant when it comes to potentially filing a successful personal injury lawsuit. Note that there is always help available when you are in need of an Atlanta personal injury lawyer specializing in car accidents. Before getting in touch with that attorney, however, it is important to have a firm sense of how you should react and proceed immediately after an accident. What you do and say in the wake of an accident will be essential when you begin speaking with a personal injury attorney in Atlanta.

Before determining your immediate course of action after a car accident, you should begin by collecting your thoughts and composing yourself, assuring that you do not accidentally acknowledge fault for the accident with a cursory apology. This is no time for pleasantries, given the potential legal ramifications of such an admission.

How to Proceed After Suffering Injuries in an Automobile Accident

After you have let the accident sink in for a moment and collected yourself accordingly, you should call a police officer to the scene in order to officially record the extent of damages and report any immediate discomfort that may require medical assistance. It is also generally a good idea to pull your vehicle over to the shoulder if possible, turning on your emergency blinkers or otherwise warning oncoming traffic.

Once an officer has been called to the scene and the situation is otherwise stabilized, you will wish to address the other driver(s) involved in the accident to attain any information that will later be of value. That information will include their name, address, phone number (or other useful contact information), license plate number, and means by which to reach their insurance carrier.

The recorded recollections and contact information of any witnesses may be particularly useful, as well, especially in the event legal action is required. Such witnesses may able to confirm your own account of the events and thereby serve as evidence of behalf of your credibility and the extent to which the other driver was at fault.

As soon as it is reasonably possible, you should then see a doctor to document any and all injuries that may have occurred or conditions that might have worsened on account of the accident. Similarly, you should immediately contact your own insurance company to have it review the extent of the damage to your vehicle.

With this information in hand, you should also begin communicating with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who can advise you regarding how to proceed and whether you have a legitimate case to file suit on account of the injuries you have suffered.

An Atlanta Personal Injury Layer can Help

There are any number of circumstances that may warrant a personal injury lawsuit. Common situations wherein the other driver is liable include accidents caused by aggressive driving, distracted driving, drowsy driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, road rage, tailgating, or sending text messages while driving. The other driver may also be liable for damages in the event that he or she failed to yield, use a turn signal, or remain in his or her lane. Such behavior may result in broadside accidents, head-on collisions, parking lot accidents, rear-end collisions, side-impact collisions, rollovers involving sports utility vehicles, chain reactions, or hit-and-run accidents.

If any of these outcomes seems to describe your automobile accident and you were injured in the process, it is essential that you immediately get in touch with a personal injury attorney serving Atlanta. The Angell Law Firm, LLC has a well-established record of representing its clients professionally and capably. To arrange for a meeting with an attorney who can address your legal needs, simply fill out the online form located here or place a phone call to (770)217-4954.

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