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ATV Accidents

There are many types of people who are injured in a variety of kinds of all-terrain vehicle or “ATV” accidents each years. There are also several different types of ATVs, some of which are used recreationally and other ATVs which are used for work or farming purposes. When ATV riders fail to take safety precautions or ATV riders operate the vehicle in a negligent fashion, catastrophic accidents have been known to occur. Our Atlanta ATV accident lawyers believe that it is vital that ATV riders understand exactly how ATV accidents occur.

Statistics Regarding ATV Accidents

ATVs have a tendency to result in significant accidents and serious injuries. In 2014, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that there were over 93,000 ATV related injuries which resulted in riders having to visit the emergency room. The number of ATV accidents has been declining since 2007, but this number is expected to rise again as ATVs grow in popularity particularly among younger children.

Common Causes of ATV Accidents

ATV accidents are most often always the result of the negligence of one of the drivers. There are many factors that can cause ATV accidents, but some of these accident include the following:

  • Hazard Collisions. ATV riding often occurs in hazardous areas like forests, deserts, and hilly areas. There are many obstacles that ATV riders can encounter, which can lead to significant ATV injuries.

  • Jump Injuries. Many ATV riders enjoy launching their vehicles off of ramps and other surfaces. ATVs are light and fast, however, which means that the vehicle can land incorrectly and throw riders from the vehicle.

  • Other Causes. Some of the other causes of ATV accidents include careless operation of an ATV, a child operating an adult ATV, driving on paved roads, driving under The Influence Of alcohol or drugs, having too many riders on one ATV, inexperienced drivers, lack of safety equipment, malfunctioning parts or defective designs, and operating an ATV at an unsafe speed. An ATV accident attorney can help Atlanta residents investigate these causes.

  • Rollovers. Due to the unstable surfaces over which many ATVs run, rollovers and flip accidents can easily occur. When these types of accidents occur, riders are frequently trapped beneath the particularly heavy vehicles.

Defective ATVs

Under the best of circumstances, an ATV is a powerful and fast vehicle that can transport individuals over a significant distance. When the conditions, designs, or manufacture of the machines impairs any of these elements, significant accidents can occur. There are a variety of design flaws that can cause ATVs to end up in accident. Some of the most common defective elements in ATVs include brakes, control components, throttles, steering components, and transmissions. ATVs can also contain inappropriate warning and safety instructions, which can leave ATV users unaware of the dangers inherent in these vehicles. Heavier and more powerful ATVs are also marketed and produced without proper instructions and manuals.

Advice If Involved in an ATV Accident

There are several particular tips that individuals should make sure to regard every time an ATV is in use, which includes even trip of a short duration.

  • Avoid Paved Roads. ATVs are built to travel on some surfaces but not on paved roads. Because ATVs are difficult to successfully operate on paved roads, riders should refrain from traveling on these surfaces.

  • Do Not Drive Drunk. Riding an ATV requires a driver’s full attention and drivers should never operate an ATV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Drive Cautiously With Passengers. ATV drivers must understand that a large number of ATV accidents occur because the vehicles attempt to carry too many passengers. Drivers with several passengers should always make sure to slowly and easily shift weight while the vehicle makes turns.

  • Follow All Posted Laws. These are many laws in the state of Alabama and there are many posted signs regarding how ATV riders should operate vehicles. By following these rules completely, individuals can greatly decrease the chances of an accident occurring.

  • Never Let Children Operate Adult ATVs. A disturbingly large number of ATV accidents occur because a child is attempting to ride on an adult sized ATV. Supervisors and adult guardians should never let children ride on adult ATVs.

  • Take A Safety Class. Safety class can teach individuals how to drive an ATV in all types of situations so that there is a lower risk of injury when these situations occur in real life.

  • Wear Protective Gear. Individuals who ride an ATV should make sure to purchase a US Department of Transportation helmet. Helmets are substantially important because these safety devices prevent the chances of a traumatic brain injury occurring. Other types of protective gear that drivers should also consider wearing are heavy duty boots, gloves, goggles, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants.

Types of Injuries Due to ATV Accidents

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports some startling numbers about ATV accidents. It is estimated that there are 31,400 arm and hand injuries, 29,300 head and neck injuries, 23,100 torso injuries, 22,800 injuries to the legs and feet, and 1,300 injuries each year experienced by individuals as a result of ATV accidents. An ATV accident lawyer in the Atlanta area can help you seek compensation for these injuries.

Advice to Take After an ATV Accident

There are some steps that individuals should take immediately after an ATV accident occurs. Individuals should make sure to seek prompt medical attention in case anyone was injured, save documentation about any treatment that was received for injuries, write down the precise location of the crash and the insurance information for all involved parties, contact law enforcement to report that the accident occurred, and preserve the ATV so authorities can determine exactly how the accident occurred.

Contact an Experienced Atlanta ATV Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in an ATV accident, do not hesitate to contact an experienced accident attorney at the The Angell Law Firm LLC who begin making sure that you receive the compensation for the accident that is deserved. Our firm understands the serious physical injuries, potential fatalities, and property destruction that can be caused due to ATV accidents and approaches each client with a great deal of respect, compassion, and zealous legal guidance.

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