Top 10 Things to Remember in a Car Accident

People are in car accidents every day.

Often times, people involved in car accidents panic whether the accident is very serious or a minor fender bender.

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers advise you to read the car accident checklist below so that you can be prepared in case you are involved in an accident.

  1. Stay CalmGet yourself and others out of the way of moving traffic. It is dangerous to stand in the road to assess the damage to your vehicle. Just move out of the way until the police arrive.
  2. Report ItNowadays most people have cells phones at their disposal. Call the police immediately and report the accident. Wait for the police to arrive so that a police report can be made.
  3. Seek Medical AttentionDon’t take a chance on your health. After a car accident in Atlanta, our lawyers know that most people are shaken up and do not feel pain right away. Don’t deny medical treatment. You should seek medical treatment to ensure that you don’t have any hidden injuries.
  4. Watch What You SayIf you’ve been involved in a car accident, be careful what you say. Any admissions made at the scene of an accident can be used against you. Take care to answer the questions asked by the police honestly, but do not talk too much with the other driver.
  5. Exchange InformationKeeping in mind the above, exchange insurance information with the other driver. You should also obtain their name, address and phone number. If possible, get the other driver’s license plate number and record their driver’s license number as well. This is information that you need later.
  6. Take NoteAt your earliest convenience, begin taking notes of the circumstances of the accident. If you are able, write down information while you are still at the crash site when it is fresh in your mind. If you have a camera with your or a camera phone, take pictures of the site of the accident. Also take note of the make, model and color of the other vehicle.
  7. Obtain Witness InformationSpeak to anyone who may have witnessed the accident, and obtain their name, address and telephone number.
  8. Note where in the Atlanta area or elsewhere the accident occurred.Write down the location of the accident and give a very detailed description of the accident site. Things to consider:
    • How may lanes where there?
    • Was it a one way or two way street?
    • Note the direction of each vehicle
    • State which lane each vehicle was traveling in
    • Were their traffic control devices?
    • Was someone directing traffic?
    • Was there construction?
    • Was there inclement weather?
  9. Note the Condition of Each VehicleTry to write down the exact damage that was done to each vehicle. Write down whether a vehicle was damaged on the left or right side or whether the vehicle had damage to the front or rear. If you are not rushed to the hospital, write down whether the vehicles were driven from the scene or had to be towed.
  10. Contact the Atlanta lawyers at The Angell Law Firm for a free consultation.The car accident lawyers at The Angell Law Firm are experienced car accident attorneys and will advise you on how to protect your rights.