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"I spoke to Bryce at length about my car accident case, and he offered me insights to things I had not considered prior to meeting him. I highly recommend his services!"

- Ryan Johnson
Atlanta, GA

"The Angell Law Firm was a great help to my family. I had hired another lawyer from one of the big firms and they were completely unresponsive to my needs. From day one, Bryce Angell was a great relief to us. He was so knowledgeable and relentless in fighting the insurance company's excuses and refusals to compensate us. In the end, The Angell Law Firm made all the difference in the world. Thank you!!!"

- J. Wilson
Macon, GA

"Bryce Angell is my attorney working diligently on my case and I would recommend him to anyone pursuing a personal injury case.

Also, Jeffery Stubbs is the best negotiator you can have going against the tough insurance companies, he tirelessly pushes to provide you the best outcome possible for your case.

Valerie was one of the first people I spoke with regarding my case and she was pleasant over the phone. She continuously keeps me updated on my case and follows up weekly on my treatments and recovery.

I'd recommend this firm to anyone seeking help for a personal injury, they've taken all the hardships off my hands and have diligently done what they can to help me."

- Katy Filsinger

"Absolutely love the people here! Valerie is great she's so nice informative and always keeps me updated on my case. Would definitely recommend them to everyone"

- Najath Abdullahi

"The Angell Law Firm has turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made to handle my personal injury case !! Even though my particular part of the case is still pending , they did a great job for my wife and daughter. Jeffery is a very good personable and knowledgeable person, he always responds to any questions I may have and keeps me informed. I absolutely recommend Mr Angell and his firm !!"

- IT tech

"I highly recommend the Angell Law Firm, After consulting with one attorney & then hiring another, my case was going nowhere, until I spoke with Bryce Angell, so nice to actually be able to communicate with an attorney! They got me a great settlement, and Jeffrey Stubbs was always available to speak with me when I needed answers regarding my personal injury case, If your looking for a law firm that you can trust and one that will keep you informed this is it!!"

- Pat Armstrong

"Im a new client of the firm and they been doing a wonder job I highly recommend them. They absolutely did a wonderful!!!!!! :-)"

- Willie Williams

"Super friendly and helpful! They were always available and very quick. They kept me informed every step of the way on what was going on with my case and what to expect next. Had a lot of back and forth with my case and they fought to get me every penny I should. They were fantastic and while I hope the need to use them never arises again, if it should they will certainly be the first I call and will always be the first I recommend!"

- Bryan Long

"I'm a new client here of the firm... They made it their business to help and get things done I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO OTHERS THANKS ALOT ANGELL LAWFIRM"

- Franklin Farmer

"Great service. Kept me informed throughout the process of my case."

- Cynthia Cisneros

"I have had great experience with the Angell Law Firm so far. When I first reached out to them for consultation they came to my house the same day. Jeffery is quick with responding to a call when you leave him a message to return a call. This is a great Firm to use for representation."

- stephanie wilcox

"This is the most experienced law firm I have ever encountered. The environment is friendly and the lawyers know how to get the job done. I wish I could give this place more stars. I recommend Angel Law Firm over any other law firm ever. Thank you for being great!"

- Latia Black

"My experience with the"Angel Law Firm"was comforting in the hands of Mr. Jeffrey Stubbs. He kept me up to date with my case with a play by play analysis of what was going on; not to mention doing so most meticulously. I highly recommend their services to anyone!"

- Darrell Wyatt

"Very nice people. There response time is very good. They understand what you are going through. Jeffery talks to me and tell me what the steps are. I'm very happy to have them representing me"

- Joyce Wilson

"My experience with the Angle Law Firm was great. After my accident they, greeted me at the hospital. Also any questions i had, they didn't hesitate to answer them for me. Great office give it a try."

- Zuri Lamar

"My accident left me with a lot of stress, questions and uncertainty. I contacted a few law firms before I finally reached out to Angell Law Firm. They were very prompt and professional. When I went to visit at their office for further consultation the atmosphere and the way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any conditions I had at the time. After the meeting I decided to hire them for my case and have not had any regrets thus far. They contact me as needed and get back to me very quickly if I have any questions. Everything since then has been smooth and it's great to have all that stress alleviated off my shoulders. Highly recommend Angell Law Firm for any personal injury case."

- Ben DuBose

"Just when I was losing hope the Angell law firm took my case. Very understanding and caring attorney's. Highly recommend."

- Tim Flaherty

"I highly recommend the Angell Law firm. The entire staff is very professional, prompt, and kind. The best part about my experience is that, though it took long to settle, as they all do, I never felt forgotten about or like I didn't matter. While my case was open the staff contacted me when appreciate to give or receive any information necessary. Though I didn't get a phone call every week, I always felt I was in good hands. When it was time to settle my case I received a call with one amount and agreed to it, but when I went to the office they had gotten me more money!! Big thanks to everyone at the law firm!! You guys are excellent at what you do!"

- Carlean Wilson

"My experience with angell law firm, went amazing. They know what they are talking about and very professional. I would recommend anyone to the law firm."

- D'Erica Washington

"Great law firm and exceptional staff very prompt and care about their clients I would recommend the Angell Law Firm to anyone in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Jeffery is amazing and very knowledgeable and experienced in what he does."

- Nordia Sparks

"I had a great experience with the agel law firm they did excellent work I would refer any one to them they have excellent attorney that dose excellent work and they take care of business .."

- Laquetta Theus

"The customer service is great and I was satisfied with the outcome of the case."

- Cynthia Evans

"I have been a paralegal for 8 years and have met a lot of attorneys but my experience with Bryce and the Angell Law Firm exceeded my expectations. I am pleased with the level of customer service and the time an attention put into getting me a great settlement on my Slip and Fall case. I would highly recommend this firm."

- Josetta Patterson Smith

"Very accommodating and always putting your best interest first. Great firm, awesome attorneys."

- Valerie Zambrano

"Always answer questions promptly and professionally. Awesome firm!"

- Marty Alcala

"Not only is The Angell Law Firm professional and prompt. They are extremely kind, considerate and down to earth. Definitely 5 stars!"

- The Rare Feather

"After my car wreck I wanted to make sure I had the best counsel to take on my case, I’m glad I picked the Angell Law firm! Any question or concerns I had where always promptly answered, I will definitely recommend them."

- Gregory Norfleet

"Bryce was by far the best attorney I have ever encountered. After my accident, I saw a few others and after one consultation with Bryce, knew he was the best choice. He's extremely devoted and doesn't treat you as just another case. He was invested in my case from start to finish and ensured that I received everything I deserved from the accident. Not only does he excell at his job but he's a warm and inviting person to work with as well. The same statement applies for his staff, too. This is the most professional yet friendly business I've ever worked with."

- Erica Herold

"Angell law firm is the best got me my money and they are great guys, I will use their services anytime thanks guys."

- Maurice Rowland

"I am more than ecstatic that I chose The Angell Law firm to represent me in my personal injury case. The staff was very nice and pleasant. They kept me updated throughout the entire process, I never had a worry. They were proactive in calling me, and they always answered my calls and questions. Even through my own ailments, they made sure that my physical and emotional health was intact. I recommend The Angell Law Firm for anyone who needs legal representation and wishes to be represented in an exceptional manner."

- Courtney Johnson

"Working with Bryce Angell is a pleasure and I am always pleased with his results. In addition to his staff being quite efficient and friendly, Mr. Angell has the knowledge, skills and drive that makes it easy to want to work with him. His demeanor is always courteous and he is always willing to answer questions or assist when possible. I would certainly recommend him based on his professionalism and his focus on clients."

- Daniel Eichholz

"My experience at The Angell Law Firm was a excellent experience. Everyone there was willing to help me no matter how many questions I had. I was able to call them and I always spoke to someone or got a call back. I would recommend anyone in need of a accident attorney to contact The Angell Law Firm they will treat you right and get you your money. Thanks Angell Law Firm."

- Tonia White

"I was involved in a auto accident last year. It appeared to be a clear cut case of lost wages and medical bills,that I incured as a result of the accident. I tried to work with the at fault parties insurance adjuster,and negotiate my settlement without a attorney. I was offered a settlement in the amount of $ 2500.00. This amount didn't even cover my medical bills. I began to consult with Attorneys in my area regarding my case. I ultimately picked the The Angell Law Firm to represent me. After speaking with Attorney on more than one occasion.This one thing that really set him apart from other attorneys. In comparison, The Angell Law Firm never pressured me to hire their firm. He gave me advice and tips on trying to reach an acceptable settlement without hiring his firm. After the Angel Law Firm took my case. They successfully got me a settlement in the amount of $25.000.00. I can honestly say that attorney Angell isn't a"In a wreck get a check"attorney who works with chiropractors to run up medical bills, and then encourages you to take the first low ball offer. I highly recommend the Angell Law Firm."

- Mahrio Gry

"Great experience, was always updated and everything settled."

- Derek Giglio

"Upon initial contact with Attorney Angel and his team, I knew I was in the best hands to handle my case. They were very knowledgably, attentive, available, professional, and compassion. I can’t thank you guys enough. Best wished to you all"

- Patricia Crogan

"Everyone knows getting into an auto accident can be very stressful! I was referred by a friend to the Angell Law Firm the day after my car was totaled in a rear-end collision. From day one, Bryce and the staff at the firm has made sure EVERYTHING was taken care of.. the only thing I had to worry about was recovering. From referring me to an excellent physical therapist to negotiating my settlement with the insurance company, this team has made my unfortunate situation bearable and quite pleasant!"

- Desiree Jacintho

"I was in a real tight spot a few months back and Bryce not only answered his own phone, but he treated me like a real person and not just a way to make more money. He settled my case and helped me in my time of need. He's earned my trust and my business for life."

- Jerry Amerson