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Dangerous Roads

Dangerous Road

Everyone knows that one careless moment for a driver can lead to a deadly accident. All it takes is a quick adjustment on the radio dial or a hurried glance at a vibrating cell phone to divert a well-meaning driver's attention off the road and potentially cause a severe accident. However, it is not always the case that the danger comes from within the car, but rather can come from the road. It doesn't matter how careful of a driver one is or how trained or seasoned behind the wheel, when people are driving on dangerous roads, terrible accidents can happen. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers are all too familiar with their consequences.

Dangerous roads result in dangerous car accidents and dangerous accidents result in severe injuries. While weather conditions and a varied geographic terrain may contribute to the dangerous conditions of roads in the North Georgia Mountains, a metropolitan city as big as Atlanta can have dangerous roads for a variety of other reasons. Congested traffic in combination with fast moving vehicles is a recipe for disaster. Some intersections are notorious for bringing together a high number of vehicles with at excessive speeds. In other cases, an improperly maintained road may lead to an excess of potholes or poor visibility of lines on the road. It can be hard enough driving down the highway at 65mph at night with a little bit of rain in the air, but doing so without clearly marked lines on the road can be much more hazardous.

Like many things, roads and highways require maintenance and repair to keep them safe. While most cities, counties, states and the federal government try do what they can to safeguard against erosion, potholes, and overgrown vegetation, everyone experiences these issues from time to time and these issues can make driving more dangerous, leading to accidents and injury. Sinkholes, debris, and leaked oil also contribute unsafe conditions on the road or highway.

Mother nature also compounds the problem when there is severe rain, snow, or ice has accumulated on the roads. Assuming a reaction time of .75 seconds, it has been said that one needs to drive at least 282 feet behind the car in front of them when travelling at 60mph. this takes into account approximately 66 feet of reaction time plus 216 feet of breaking distance. Not only do most people drive with much shorter distances between cars and trucks when traveling down the highway or road, but also these numbers do not take into account the loss of friction that comes with rain, snow and ice. While our Atlanta lawyers know that governments can try to mitigate hazards by providing appropriate lighting and warning signs, efforts to de-ice the roads with salt can sometimes prove futile and accidents will occur nonetheless.

Not too many people have driven through a small town while travelling and not experienced obstructed road signs due to overgrown vegetation. All it takes is for a half a second of momentary confusion or delay to interrupt a driver's concentration and lead to an accident. This is especially true for tractor-trailer drivers who drive through new places on a daily basis. As such, it is no wonder that thousands upon thousands of truck accidents have occurred because of these types of dangerous road conditions.

With so many factors and variables that cause dangerous road conditions - the weather, potholes, lighting, signage, etc. - it can be hard for an untrained person to assess fault and blame when an accident occurs on such a road. That is exactly why you need to turn to a professional. Our dangerous road attorneys at The Angell Law Firm are interested in hearing about your case. By calling your dangerous road attorney at (770) 217-4954, we can help assess and determine whether the other driver breached their duty to operate their vehicle with reasonable care despite the dangerous road conditions. We are experienced in gathering the evidence needed to determine liability and damages when there has been injury on a dangerous road.

When The Government is Liable

Sometimes, these external factors merely contribute to the onset of a car accident but the accident primarily results due to a negligent driver. However, can it be possible for someone else to be liable if yours is the only car involved in an accident as you come around a curve? Yes. Sometimes, a government body in the Atlanta area can be liable for creating or allowing dangerous road conditions.

Over 21% of all road fatalities occur in a single-car accident when the car runs off the road or collides with an object. The entities responsible for building and maintaining roads - oftentimes, a government - do not allows provide a reasonably safe environment in which to drive. If you have been injured and you think believe that unsafe conditions contributed to your accident, please call a dangerous road attorney at The Angell Law Firm at (770) 217-4954, for a free consultation.

Dangerous roads can be the result of improper design, maintenance, construction of the road. Examples of defective or improper design include curves that are too sharp for the roads posted speed limit, exit ramp lanes that do not provide enough distance to merge traffic, or an absence of traffic signals to warn drivers of an impending danger. In the case of defective construction, our firm would look for an unreasonably dangerous condition caused by a failure to follow approved plans, poor selection of materials, or simply sub-standard workmanship.

We know that government institutions often have a duty to maintain their roads, but this duty is not always met. A failure to fix or correct a damaged guardrail or allowing road surfaces to become littered with potholes can lead to an accident. If you are injured as a result of dangerous conditions in the road such as these, please call our firm today to let us assess the liability and help you recover whatever financial compensation you are entitled to.

If you have been in an accident as the result of a dangerous road or a dangerous highway, call The Angell Law Firm today at (770) 217-4594.

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