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DUI Accidents

Georgia DUI Victim LawyerDUI Accidents

We Sue Drunk Drivers for Their Victims

Sadly every year lives are lost due to the negligent driving of people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. DUI is a major problem that results in thousands of wrongful deaths every year. In Georgia, DUI is one of the leading causes of car accidents.

There were 489 DUI related fatalities in Georgia for all of 2008. DUI Accidents contiue to plague Georgia and the victims deserve to by represented by an Atlanta DUI accident lawyer to the fullest extent allowed by law. In Georgia, 1st and 2nd offenses are misdemeanors, 3rd and subsequent offenses are high and aggravated misdemeanors . Citation:§40-6-391(c) & (k) (2) Sources for Georgia drunk driving information and statistics US Dept. of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 12/02 (2) National Conference of State Legislatures, 2004

Passengers of Drunk Drivers

If you’ve been injured in a DUI you can seek damages that include but are not limited to, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You can also seek punitive damages in your personal injury claim or wrongful death claim against a drunk driver. Punitive damages are damages above and beyond medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. These are additional damages that serve as a punishment for the negligent driver’s reckless behavior.

If you’ve been involved in a DUI accident, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney can make a difference in the outcome of your case. The experienced DUI accident lawyers at our Atlanta firm specialize in maximizing our client’s recovery and making sure that they obtain the compensation they deserve. If you try to proceed without an attorney you may be pressured into a quick settlement by the insurance adjuster. The goal of the insurance adjuster is to save the insurance company money at your expense. The attorneys at The Angell Law Firm will make sure that you are compensated for the full value of your case. While we realize that money cannot put your life back together or replace the loss of a loved one, it is often essential to rebuilding after a tragic accident. You will need money for future medical treatment and other expenses especially, if you are unable to return to your pre-injury employment. If a family member dies dues to the negligence and recklessness of another Georgia law allows recovery for wrongful death. Surviving family members such as a spouse, children and parents are allowed to recover for the loss of a loved one.

Litigating a personal injury or wrongful death claim can be difficult. Hiring a personal injury attorney that knows the law can make the process a lot easier. The Atlanta DUI accident attorneys at The Angell Law Firm know your rights and will help protect these rights. Another reason for hiring an attorney to help litigate your claim is that they can identify the insurance policies that affect your claim and help you navigate through the process of recovering these proceeds from the insurance company. Georgia law requires each driver to carry a minimum amount of insurance. However, often times drivers will purchase more insurance than required or in some cases drivers will not be insured at all. In the case of an uninsured motorist, you will need to look to your own insurance policy regarding uninsured motorist coverage. Unfortunately, your own policy may be your only means of defense against an uninsured motorist. An attorney will be able to advise you on whether you are able to sue the negligent driver for his or her negligence personally. If you are hurt as a result of a DUI accident your medical cost could be astronomical. The experienced DUI accident attorneys at our Atlanta firm will help you maximize your recovery to ensure that you get all the compensation to which you are entitled.

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After my car wreck I wanted to make sure I had the best counsel to take on my case, I’m glad I picked The Angell Law Firm! Any question or concerns I had where always promptly answered, I will definitely recommend them.
I was in a real tight spot a few months back and Bryce not only answered his own phone, but he treated me like a real person and not just a way to make more money. He settled my case and helped me in my time of need. He's earned my trust and my business for life. Jerry Amerson
The Angell Law Firm helped me when I got hurt in a car accident in Atlanta. Bryce Angell was very responsive and always kept me informed about the status of me case. He was very easy to talk to and made me feel like I was important rather than just another number like other law firms. Gloria
Mr. Angell is a guy who is very easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable. As soon as you talk to him, you like him. He helped my family through a tough time and I will never forget him for that. He was our guardian Angell! Stephen
Bryce Angell is a great attorney in Atlanta. He helped me when I was injured in a car accident on highway 85. He walked me through the process step by step and made sense of it all for me. The Angell Law Firm was always responsive and always took, or returned my call quickly. If you need a lawyer in Atlanta, call Bryce Angell. Gloria K.