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Failure to use a Turn Signal

A study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers recently reported that the simple driving behavior of failing to use a turn signal is directly linked to somewhere around two million motor vehicle accidents each year. These accidents create a significant danger because when drivers fail to signal an intention to change lane or directions, other nearby drivers do not have a sufficient amount of time to respond to this type of activity. About one fourth of drivers make this mistake when turning. When accidents occur due to a failure to use a turn signal, individuals frequently find it essential to retain the services of a knowledgeable Atlanta car accident attorney who is particularly skilled at responding to such situations and knows what it takes to create a strong case so that compensation is awarded.

Applicable Georgia Law

Motorists in the state of Georgia are required to signal when either turning or changing lanes. In the eyes of the law, signaling when turning is as fundamental and necessary a behavior as stopping at red lights or stop signs. This article will focus on two situations when using signals are appropriate. First, when performing a left turn, motor vehicle drivers must make sure to activate the front and rear turn signals on the left side of the vehicle. Individuals. Additionally, when performing a right turn, individuals must make sure to activate the front and rear turns signals on the right side of a vehicle. 

Ways that Turn Signal Accidents Occur

Turn signals are an important aspect of operating a motor vehicle. In the same way that brake lights are designed to make sure that surrounding motor vehicle drivers have enough time to stop or slow down, turn signals allow other motorists to respond to a motor vehicle driver’s desire to change lanes. Some of the most common types of accidents caused by a failure to use a turn signal include the following:

  • Head-on Collisions. Many head-on collisions occur each year that are due to the driver’s failure to signal left-hand turns.
  • No-zone accidents. These accidents involve motor vehicle drivers that might be in the blind spot of a commercial motor vehicle when turning or changing lanes.
  • Trapping other motor vehicles. These accidents have been known to occur when drivers fail to signal right-hand turns.
  • Sideswipes. These accidents occur due to motor vehicles who merge into lanes without using adequate signaling.
  • Turning from the wrong lane. Turning from the wrong lane can cause motor vehicle accidents.
  • Failing to turn as required. When individuals do not turn as required, there is a great risk of accidents occurring.
  • Improper U-turns. Drivers that perform U-turns without signaling have been known to cause catastrophic accidents.
Safety Guidelines That Individuals Should Follow Regarding Turn Signals

Individuals should remember some important pieces of advice regarding the use of safety signals, as our Atlanta lawyers can explain:

  • Always use turn signals. Turn signals should always be turned half a block before turning in a residential area and five hundred feet before making a turn on a highway or country road.
  • Do not make risky turns. If a driver questions whether a turn can properly be made, the driver should not attempt to make the turn. The driver should instead turn off the turn signal and continue driving until a suitable place can be found to make the turn.
  • How to Check a Turn Signal. If an individual suspects that a turn signal is bad, the individual should check whether the signal works. Turn signals that work improperly are often indicated by a quick flashing light when an individual activates the turn signal. To check whether a turn signal works, individuals should start a vehicle’s engine and place the automobile in park. To test the right turn signal, individuals should push the blinker in an upwards direction. With the vehicle stopped in a safe location, individuals should get out of the vehicle and see if the right turn signal is blinking in both the front and back of the vehicle. Individuals should then push down the turn signal to activate the left turn light. Individuals should then exit the vehicle again and determine whether both the front and back lights on the vehicle are properly working. If one of the lights is either not adequately illuminated or blinking too rapidly, individuals likely need to replace a bulb.
Steps to Safely Perform A Left Turn

There are some essential safety steps for individuals to perform when making a left turn:

  • Activate the Left Turn Signal. Drivers should first activate a left turn signal to provide other drivers with notice about the driver’s intent to perform a left turn.
  • Move to the Far Left Lane. Drivers should then move to the far left lane or into the turning lane if one is available.
  • Keep the Wheel Straight. Drivers should make sure to keep their wheels straight until making a turn.
  • Yield. Motor vehicle drivers should make sure to yield the right-of-way to all bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles.
  • Wait Until it is Safe to Turn. When traffic is clear and applicable traffic signals or signs allow, individuals should perform the turn so that the individual ends up in the lane closest to the center of the street onto which the individual turn or onto the corresponding lane if there are multiple lanes.
  • Reminders. Individuals must remember that they cannot change lanes once entering an intersection in order to make a left turn. If there are pedestrians in the crosswalk of the road onto which the individual is turning, the individual must remain stopped until they have cleared the applicable lane. An Atlanta attorney can help injured pedestrians bring a claim against a driver who struck them.
Steps to Safely Make A Right Turn in Georgia

Individuals should make sure to follow some necessary steps when performing a right turn:

  • Use The Right Turn Signal. Activate the vehicle’s right turn signal so that drivers both ahead of and behind the vehicle have adequate about the upcoming turn.
  • Approach the Turn. Approach the intersections in the right lane making sure to remain as close as possible to the curb or edge of the road to provide colliding with oncoming vehicles.
  • Remember to Yield to Bicyclists. If there is a bicycle lane, individuals must make sure to yield to bicyclists who might be traveling through the intersection prior to turning.
  • Turn Into The Correct Lane. Individuals should turn so that their vehicle ends up in the right lane of the street onto which the vehicle is turning. Individuals should always avoid entering into any other traffic lane. It is just as important when there are multiple turning lanes for individuals to turn to their vehicle ends up in the corresponding lane.
Contact A Car Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured due to an accident caused by an improper turn or a failure to use a turn signal, the skilled Atlanta lawyers at The Angell Law Firm LLC will fight tirelessly on your behalf.

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