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Failure to Yield Accidents

In an effort to rush from one location to another, Georgia motorists occasionally fail to adequately yield for traffic which can result in serious accidents. Failure to yield accidents can occur in a variety of different ways in the state of Georgia. One of the most recent examples of failure to yield occurred when a pickup truck turned suddenly in front of another driver, who was on a motorcycle. Because the pickup truck driver failed to adequately yield, the motorcyclist was unable to stop in time and was killed instantly at the scene of the accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2014 there were 3,094 fatalities in the United States due to drivers who failed to yield. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers can help victims bring claims based on these types of crashes.

Georgia Law Regarding Failure To Yield

Many drivers in the state of Georgia failure to realize that there are many laws in place prohibiting motor vehicle drivers from yielding in certain situations. These laws include the following laws for which violations can net motor vehicle drivers several drivers license points.

  • Failure To Yield To Oncoming Traffic.
  • Failure To Yield To Bicycles.
  • Failure To Yield At Intersections.
  • Failure To Yield When Turning Left.
  • Failure To Yield When Crossing Or Entering A Road.
  • Failure To Yield To An Emergency Vehicle.
  • Failure To Yield To A Construction Vehicle.
  • Failure To Yield To A Funeral Procession.
  • Failure To Yield To A Blind Pedestrian.
  • Failure To Yield To A Pedestrian.
  • Failure To Yield Resulting in Serious Injury.
Reasons Motorists Fail To Yield

There are several reasons why motorists fail to yield. These types of accidents can be arise due to a motorists intentional or negligent behavior. Some of the most common reasons why motorists fail to yield in Atlanta and the surrounding areas include:

  • Bicyclists.
  • Blind Spots.
  • Drunk Driving.
  • Four Way Stops.
  • Improper Left Hand Turns.
  • Merging Two Lanes.
  • Rush Hour Traffic.
  • Pedestrian Crosswalks.
  • Passing Motorcycles.
  • Speeding.
  • Unsafe Lane Changes.

Whatever the exact reason for a motorist’s failure to yield, this type of negligence creates liability among motorists for the various damages that can arise from such an accident.

What Types Of Injuries Are Caused By Failure To Yield Accidents?

Failure to yield accidents can leave other motorists with little time in which to respond to the situation. Motorists have a tendency to brake, overcorrect, or steer into another lane in an effort to avoid an automobile collision. Individuals who are involved in failure to yield accidents face a variety of substantial injuries ranging from minor to substantial, which can include the following:

  • Brain and head injuries.
  • Broken bones and fractures.
  • Cuts and lacerations.
  • Neck pain
  • Spinal cord damage.

The severity of illness results depends on how the automobile collisions occurred and what body parts were struck during the accident.

Liability For Personal Injury Accidents

Georgia laws holds drivers who operate motor vehicles in a negligent way liable for any resulting injuries. Failure to yield is found to demonstrate a failure to exercise due care. To hold another driver negligent for one’s injuries, a party and their Atlanta lawyer must demonstrate several elements including duty of care, breach of the duty of care, causation, and damages.

Failure to yield also often involves violation of at least one statute regarding how motor vehicle drivers are required to operate vehicles. Drivers who are found liable for failure to yield can be held accountable for a variety of damages including lost work, medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damage, therapeutic costs, and vehicle repairs.

Advice On Yielding With Other Vehicles

One of the most confusing elements of driving a motor vehicle can be that drivers who meet other motor vehicles on the road have a difficult time determining which vehicle goes first. The following pieces of information are recommended when it comes time for a motor vehicle driver to yield.

  • At Intersections, Let The Vehicle On Your Right Go First. When vehicles arrive at an intersection at the same time, motor vehicle drivers should first let the vehicle at the driver’s first go ahead.
  • Let The Vehicle That Is At The Location First Go First. Drivers should yield to vehicle at that are already at location to proceed first.
  • Pedestrians And Cyclists. Motor vehicle drivers must make sure to yield for pedestrians and bicyclists that are already in the intersection when the motor vehicle driver arrives at the location.
  • Yield To Oncoming Vehicles. When drivers are traveling through a lane of oncoming traffic drivers should first let oncoming vehicles in the opposing lane proceed. For example, this situation would arise when a motor vehicle driver makes a left hand turn.
  • When Entering A Public Road. Vehicles entering a public road from a driveway or private should yield to approaching traffic.
Legal Counsel Can Help Clients Involved in Failure To Yield Accidents

It is an extremely wise idea for individuals involved in a failure to yield accidents to consult with experienced legal counsel. Among other ways, a talented accident attorney can help a client involved in a failure to yield accident by successfully navigating issues with the opposing party’s insurance company. A talented accident attorney will also know how to best prepare should a client’s case need to be litigated in a court of law.

For individuals who have been injured in failure to yield accidents, it is often a wise idea to consult with an experienced attorney in the Atlanta area to make sure that a case proceeds well. The knowledgeable legal representation at the The Angell Law Firm, LLC can help clients pursue damages against insurance companies or in a court of law to make sure that compensation for lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and rehabilitation costs are awarded. By contacting our firm at (770) 217-4954 to obtain a free case consultation and begin taking the right steps towards a successful outcome in your case. The Angell Law Firm also offers house and hospital calls to failure to yield accident victims. We understand that failure to yield accidents can be substantial accidents with a handful of obstacle but being unable to contact skilled legal representation should not be one of these obstacles.

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