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Fifteen-Passenger Van Rollovers

Fifteen-passengers Van Rollovers Personal Injury Lawyers in Atlanta Serving Victims of Van Accidents

Just about every school, sports team, church group, and civic club travels at some point and needs to carry its members in a safe way from one place to another. Perhaps you currently have a son, daughter, brother, sister, or parent in one of these organizations and you have helped to see them off on their trip. If so, it is likely that you saw everyone load into fifteen-passenger vans for their trip. Approximately 0.25% of passenger vehicles in the United States are fifteen-passenger vans. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help victims injured in fifteen-passenger van rollovers pursue compensation.

Fifteen-Passenger Vans: Useful But Potentially Dangerous

Despite the fact that these large vehicles are efficient at carrying a large number of people to and from their desired destinations, they also pose a unique set of dangers and have a much higher likelihood of being involved in accidents than other types of passenger vehicles. Being involved in a fifteen-passenger van accident can be extremely scary, and if passengers are not properly fastened into their seats, they can be thrown about the interior of the van during a collision. When a fifteen-passenger van is involved in an accident, there is no telling how serious the accident will be, ranging from minor to the most catastrophic, or the accident could even be fatal. If you have been involved in an accident like this, reach out to a car accident lawyer in Atlanta right away.

While fifteen-passenger vans are involved in a proportionate number of fatal accidents compared to other types of vehicles in the passenger fleet, fifteen-passenger vans are involved in a much higher number of single-vehicle accidents due to a rollover. There are many reasons for this and several important controlling factors, including road conditions, driver age and level of driving experience, driver alcohol/drug involvement, occupancy level, and vehicle speed.

Fifteen-Passenger Vans Unstable, More Likely to Rollover

When a fifteen-passenger van is fully loaded, the center of gravity for the vehicle shifts rearward and upward, thereby increasing the vehicle’s propensity to roll over. This shift in the center of gravity for the vehicle makes the vehicle less stable and increases the potential for a driver to lose control during a sudden driving maneuver in response to an emergency. When a large vehicle such as a fifteen-passenger van rolls over, the passengers inside can suffer serious injuries like broken bones, head injuries, and neck and spinal injuries, or the passengers could even be killed. In fact, 81% of the fifteen-passenger van occupant fatalities occur in a single-vehicle rollover accident. After a fifteen-passenger van rollover, a personal injury attorney serving Atlanta can help you determine the next steps to take.

As previously noted, vehicle occupancy is an important factor in determining the safety value of a fifteen-passenger van. Research has shown that these vans with 10-15 occupants have a rollover ratio of 85% compared to a ratio of 29% for vans with fewer than five passengers. Despite the documented risks and well-known design issues associated with these fifteen-passenger vans, every type of extracurricular, sport, and church group still uses them all the time to service their transportation needs.

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