Fifteen-passenger Van Rollovers

Fifteen-passengers Van Rollovers

Just about every school, sports team, church group, and civic club travels at some point and needs to carry its members in a safe way from one place to another. Perhaps you currently have a son, daughter, brother, sister, or parent in one of these organizations and you have helped to see them off on their trip. If so, it is likely that you saw everyone load into fifteen-passenger vans for their trip. Approximately 0.25% of passenger vehicles in the United States are fifteen-passenger vans.

Despite the fact that these large vehicles are efficient at carrying a large number of people, they also pose a unique set of dangers and have a much higher likelihood of being involved in accidents, ranging from minor to the most catastrophic. While fifteen-passenger vans are involved in a proportionate number of fatal accidents compared to other types of vehicles in the passenger fleet, fifteen-passenger vans are involved in a much higher number of single-vehicle accidents due to a rollover. There are many reasons for this and several important controlling factors, including road conditions, driver age, driver alcohol/drug involvement, occupancy level, and vehicle speed.

When a fifteen-passenger van is fully loaded, the center of gravity shifts rearward and upward, thereby increasing the vehicle’s propensity to rollover and increasing the potential for a driver to lose control during a sudden driving maneuver in response to an emergency. In fact, 81 percent of the fifteen-passenger van occupant fatalities occur in a single-vehicle rollover accident.

As previously noted, vehicle occupancy is an important factor in determining the safety value of a fifteen-passenger van. Research has shown that these vans with 10-15 occupants have a rollover ration of 85% compared to a ratio of 29% for vans with fewer than 5 passengers. Despite the documented and well-known design issues associated with these fifteen-passenger vans, every type of group uses them all the time.

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