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Highway Accidents In Georgia

All too often, highway accidents involve high speed collisions that result in substantial injuries and significant property damages. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2014 there were 1,164 fatalities due to motor vehicle collisions, many of which occurred on Georgia’s highways. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help victims and their families bring a claim in these situations.

Many highways experience a substantial amount of motor vehicle traffic. During peak hours, highways can become very congested with automobiles, commercial motor vehicles, buses, and motorcycles.When one motor vehicle driver on the road takes action, this frequently prompts other drivers to take actions that are also unsafe. As a result, one driver’s poor driving patterns can adversely affect one or many other drivers on the highway.

Interstate 285

To understand the type of roads that this article is discussing, it is advantageous to provide an example. Interstate 285, also known as I-285, is an interstate highway loops that encircles Atlanta, Georgia for 63.98 miles. Due to suburban expansion, Interstate 285 is one of the most heavily traveled corridors in the United States. Often, parts of Interstate 285 become congested with traffic. Interstate 285 has seen a large variety of motor vehicle accidents. One particular example of an accident along Interstate 285 occurred recently when a motor vehicle traveling along Interstate 285 crossed several lanes and flipped repeated times before landing upside down and entrapping the motorist inside the vehicle. As a result, it is very essential that motor vehicle drivers who use Interstate 285 appreciate the dangers posed by highway accidents.

Causes Of Highway Accidents

Highway accidents be caused by a large variety of factors, but some of the most common elements that cause highway accidents include the following:

  • Congested Highways. Highways that contain a large amount of traffic often lead to motor vehicle accidents occurring.
  • Curved Sections Of The Highway. Blind spots or narrow curves can leave motor vehicle drivers unable to navigate around curves.
  • Highways With Improper Drainage. Highways that allow water to collect can result in vehicles hydroplaning. At times when the water is frozen, vehicles can become involved in sliding actions.
  • Inadequate Shoulders. A large number of highway accidents occur on highways without shoulders or without shoulder drop offs.
  • Poorly Maintained Highways. Highways that contain cracked pavements or potholes can result in highway accidents.
Injuries Caused By Highway Accidents

Victims of highway accidents can experience substantial injuries that result in lofty medical bills and leave the individual unable to work for an extended period of time. These financial burdens only serve to place highway accident victims in even more dire situations. The most serious highway accidents can result in substantial injuries including amputations, brain and head trauma, back and spinal cord injury, burns, internal organ damage, paralysis and even death.

What Individuals Should Do After A Highway Accident

Individuals can feel quite overcome after a highway accident occurs, as our Atlanta lawyers understand. As a result, after a highway accident, there are some recommended advice that individuals should follow:

  • Accident Report. Individuals should immediately file an accident report with law enforcement.
  • Do Not Discuss The Accident. With the exception of one’s lawyer and medical provider, an individual should take care to not discuss the accident with anyone else.
  • Do Not Provide An Admission of Guilt. Individuals must extra cautious in not providing any record or written statements admitting guilt or involvement in an accident. These statements can be used by insurance companies to greatly restrict the amount of compensation that an individual receives.
  • Immediately Seek Medical Assistance. Individuals should make sure to receive medical assistance even if no immediate injuries are apparent.
  • Keep Track Of Expenses. In establishing the amount of compensation to which an individual is entitled, it greatly help an individual case if evidence can demonstrated of medical expenses, time missed from work, and rental car costs.
  • Take Photographs. Individuals must make sure to take photographs of the scene of the accident in addition to any physical injuries that are incurred during the accident.
  • Write Down Relevant Information. Individuals should make sure to write down all relevant information regarding involved parties in a highway accident including names, addresses, and telephone numbers.
Highway Accidents In Which Litigation May Be Required

In some situations, individuals may not be able to obtain adequate compensation from any involved party and need to pursue compensation in a court of law. Some signs that a case might need to be litigate include the following:

  • Denial Of Fault. If the other involved motor vehicle driver denies fault for the accident, the case will likely need to be litigated. There are several various types of evidence that an individual can use in a court of law to demonstrate that an individual is liable for a highway accident.
  • The Injuries That Resulted From The Highway Accident Are Significant. When the injuries that resulted from a highway accident are substantial, individuals might find that the only way to obtain adequate compensation is to pursue matters in a court of law.
  • The Insurance Company Is Not Willing To Provide Adequate Compensation. In some situations, an insurance company may be unwilling to offer individuals compensation that is not adequate to cover damages from a highway accident.
How an Attorney Can Help Highway Accident Victims

Individuals who are involved in a highway accident can seek compensation for a variety of elements including lost wages, medical bills, out of pocket expenses, pain and suffering, and property damage. An experienced Atlanta attorney makes sure that every necessary is fully compensated for a highway accident victim.

Highway accidents can occur in a variety of ways and frequently result in substantial property damage in addition to significant injuries and sometimes even death. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, contacting the talented legal representation at The Angell Law Firm, LLC is the first step towards ensuring that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Individuals who are interested in a free consultation are advised to contact The Angell Law Firm today. At The Angell Law Firm, we understand that sometimes highway accidents can leave victims unable to attend our physical law office so our firm also offers house and hospital calls to accident victims who are seriously injured. Being injured in a highway accident can come as a crippling blow, but obtaining experienced legal counsel is the first step to take towards recovery.

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