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Rollover Accidents in Mcdonough

All car accidents are potentially dangerous, but rollovers tend to have especially devastating consequences. This is largely due to the fact that passengers are much more likely to be ejected if they are not wearing seat belts. It is also common in rollover accidents for the roof of the vehicle to cave in, which can leave occupants trapped and unable to receive emergency medical care. For these reasons, injuries sustained in rollover accidents are usually serious and expensive to treat, which can be especially frustrating for injured parties whose accidents were caused by someone else’s negligence. Fortunately, injured parties who can demonstrate that another party contributed to or caused a crash can collect compensation for their losses, so if you were recently involved in a rollover accident and have questions about filing a claim, it is critical to contact a Mcdonough County auto accident lawyer who can advise you.

What Causes Rollover Accidents?

Large vehicles with a high center of gravity that do not handle rapid maneuvers well, such as SUVs, are more likely to roll over than are standard passenger vehicles. However, there are a number of other factors that can play a role in causing a rollover, including:

  • Tire tread failure;
  • Defective brakes;
  • Poor suspension;
  • Tire tread separation; and
  • Tire blowouts.

Of these factors, tire blowouts cause the highest number of rollover accidents, especially when drivers are traveling at high speeds. Tripping, which occurs when a car’s tire hits a curb, bump, or object in the road and lurches sideways is also linked to a large number of rollover accidents every year. Tripping is much more likely to occur when roads are in a dangerous condition, which could be the result of:

  • Poor road maintenance;
  • Poor planning;
  • Slick conditions caused by inclement weather; or
  • The presence of road debris.

When an accident is caused by poor road conditions, the injured party may be able to collect compensation from the city or state responsible for road maintenance. An auto accident attorney in Mcdonough can help.

Unfortunately, government bodies are almost always immune from liability and filing these types of claims requires compliance with a series of strict procedural requirements. It is more likely, however, that a party’s rollover accident was the result of a vehicle manufacturer’s negligence. Injured parties can hold these entities responsible if their accident was the result of a design defect, improper testing, or the negligent assembly of a vehicle part.

How Serious are Rollovers?

In some accidents, cars and their occupants are able to escape the collision with little to no damage. Unfortunately, rollovers almost always result in substantial damage to the structure of a vehicle and in severe injuries to any occupants. Passengers who are ejected during an accident are at an even higher risk of sustaining fatal injuries.

Many injuries sustained in rollovers leave accident victims suffering from permanent disabilities, such as paralysis, for the rest of their lives. Still others must live with chronic pain and receive ongoing treatment for years. These types of serious injuries can be prohibitively expensive to treat, so it is critical for those who are injured in rollovers to retain an experienced auto accident attorney in Mcdonough who can help them seek compensation for their medical expenses.

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