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After a traffic accident, a slip and fall, or another harmful event, you may suffer substantial injuries and incur considerable medical bills. You may be required to take time off work to rest and recover. Accident victims may be able to alleviate the burdens upon them by filing a lawsuit for compensation against whoever was responsible for harming them. At The Angell Law Firm, Atlanta personal injury lawyer Bryce Angell understands what you are going through. He is ready to use his legal knowledge and experience to assert your rights.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Bryce Angell represents victims of many types of traffic accidents, including those involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Most motor vehicle collisions are the result of negligence on the part of one or more drivers. In order to establish another driver's negligence, a plaintiff must prove the other driver's duty of care, a breach of duty, causation, and damages. A breach of duty while driving may include texting, talking on the phone, violating a traffic law, drunk driving, or fatigued driving, among other behavior.

Premises Liability

In Georgia, whether you can recover compensation for a slip and fall or another accident on someone else’s property depends on your legal status on that property and why you are there. There are three categories of visitors: invitees, licensees, and trespassers. Invitees are people who are expressly or implicitly invited to enter the owner's property, such as a customer in a store. Under O.C.G.A. § 51-3-1, a property owner must use reasonable care to keep its premises safe for an invitee. The owner may be held liable for a failure to repair or provide warnings of dangerous conditions to invitees.

Other Personal Injury Matters

We also handle many other types of personal injury cases, including those arising from wrongful death, construction accidents, nursing home negligence and abuse, child injuries, plane crashes, and boating accidents. Some of the victims whom we have represented have been suffering from catastrophic injuries like brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, concussions, amputations, and burns. We also assist injured employees with their workers' compensation claims.

For example, a wrongful death claim arises from a death that is caused by someone else's negligence, recklessness, intentional misconduct, or criminal act. Negligence is typically defined as a failure to use reasonable care when there is a duty to do so, resulting in harm to another person. The spouse of the decedent is the first family member in line to bring a wrongful death claim. If the spouse and the decedent had children who are still minors, the spouse needs to represent the children's interests in court. If neither a spouse nor a child is available to bring a lawsuit, either the surviving parents of the victim or the personal representative of the victim’s estate may bring the claim.

Construction sites are often the scene of serious and catastrophic construction accident injuries to both workers and visitors to the site. Most Georgia employees of construction companies are covered by workers' compensation insurance. Benefits typically include lost wages and medical bills. However, in some cases, third parties may be responsible for the accident, and in these situations, an injured worker may be able to bring a civil lawsuit for negligence.

Criminal Defense

We represent Georgia residents who are accused of crimes such as domestic violence, drug crimes, and driving under the influence (DUI). Relatively serious crimes may be charged as felonies and may result in substantial penalties, such as jail time and fines. Depending on your situation, many procedural and substantive defenses may be available to you. The guidance of a knowledgeable attorney is critical in protecting your rights.

Consult an Experienced Atlanta Lawyer for a Personal Injury or Criminal Case

At The Angell Law Firm, Atlanta personal injury attorney Bryce Angell can help you seek compensation for the losses that you incur due to someone else's negligence, recklessness, or misconduct. Our firm also represents people in Roswell, Savannah, Athens, Marietta, Decatur, Lawrenceville, Watkinsville, and other communities throughout Fulton, Chatham, Clarke, Cobb, DeKalb, and Oconee Counties. Call us at 770-217-4954 or use our online form to set up a free consultation with a car accident attorney or seek guidance in any other type of personal injury claim or criminal matter.

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After my car wreck I wanted to make sure I had the best counsel to take on my case, I’m glad I picked The Angell Law Firm! Any question or concerns I had where always promptly answered, I will definitely recommend them.
I was in a real tight spot a few months back and Bryce not only answered his own phone, but he treated me like a real person and not just a way to make more money. He settled my case and helped me in my time of need. He's earned my trust and my business for life. Jerry Amerson
The Angell Law Firm helped me when I got hurt in a car accident in Atlanta. Bryce Angell was very responsive and always kept me informed about the status of me case. He was very easy to talk to and made me feel like I was important rather than just another number like other law firms. Gloria
Mr. Angell is a guy who is very easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable. As soon as you talk to him, you like him. He helped my family through a tough time and I will never forget him for that. He was our guardian Angell! Stephen
Bryce Angell is a great attorney in Atlanta. He helped me when I was injured in a car accident on highway 85. He walked me through the process step by step and made sense of it all for me. The Angell Law Firm was always responsive and always took, or returned my call quickly. If you need a lawyer in Atlanta, call Bryce Angell. Gloria K.