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Rear-End Collisions


A recent study conducted by the Journal of Safety Research suggests that one of the leading causes of rear-end collisions is distracted driving. This study found that more than three quarters of rear end collisions involving a teen driver happened when the driver was paying attention to a phone, a passenger, or something else other than road conditions. The study further found that these distractions slowed the reaction times of teen drivers, who were unable to adequately respond to conditions that arose on the road. Distracted driving, however, represents just one of the many factors that is responsible for rear-end collisions. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers are familiar with the various causes of rear-end collisions in Georgia.

Causes Of Rear-End Collisions

In addition to distracted driving, there are several factors that tend to rear-end automobile accidents. These causes include the following:

  • Brake Failures. Drivers who fail to maintain an automobile’s brakes often find that the vehicle is unable to adequately stop.
  • Improperly Maintained Tires. Tires that are improperly maintained have a more difficult time stopping, which means that motorists cannot adequately stop in time when traveling behind other motor vehicles.
  • Looking Down. When drivers look down while operating a motor vehicle and fail to pay attention to the road or car in front of them, accidents tend to occur.
  • Speeding or Following Too Closely. Motorists who maintain an improper distance behind motor vehicles do not have enough room to sufficiently stop without rear-ending motor vehicles that might be further ahead on the road. The generally advise rule is that a motor vehicle driver should leave one car length between the driver and another vehicle for every ten miles per hour the driver is traveling. For example, a driver who was traveling at sixty miles per hour would want to leave six car lengths between the driver and another car. Even Georgia Code states that motor vehicle drivers must not follow other vehicles more closely than is “reasonable and prudent.” Many drivers, however, fail to follow this law, which increases the risk of a rear-end collision.
  • Stopping. Failure to obey stop signs greatly increases the chances of a rear end collision occurring.
  • Wet Road Conditions. Roads that are wet increase the chances of motor vehicles skidding, which can directly lead to rear-end collisions.
Injuries Caused By Rear-End Collisions

There is no underestimating the devastating effect of rear-end collisions in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Not only can rear-end collisions result in death, rear-end collisions also have a tendency to result in substantial injuries, which can include the following:

  • Brain Injuries. Sometimes rear-end collisions cause vehicle occupants to strike their head against the inside of the motor vehicle which can lead to head and brain injuries.
  • Broken Bones. Due to the sudden impact of rear-end collisions, broken bones have a tendency to occur in these types of collisions.
  • Facial Scarring. The faces of motorists and motor vehicle passengers can be injured from broken glass that results from windshields damaged during a rear-end collision.
  • Knee And Leg Injuries. When the legs of vehicle occupants strike the dashboard of a motor vehicle during a rear-end collisions, there is a tendency for knee and leg injuries to occur. Leg bones can even be fractured or broken during rear-end collisions.
  • Lacerations. Cuts and bruises to arms, legs, and other body parts can result from the impact of rear-end collisions.

Vehicle occupants who are involved in rear-end collisions can suffer one or more of these injuries. Sometimes, these injuries can grow worse after an automobile accident. As a result, individuals who do not feel injured at first might later discover that injuries received during the rear-end collision are more substantial than originally believed. Individuals are recommended to not sign any waivers or documents at the scene of the accident or given statements about damages to an insurance company following the event. Instead, the wisest idea is to consult with experienced legal counsel who can ensure the rights of accidents victims are preserved.

Determining Liability For Rear-End Collisions

Determining fault for any type of motor vehicle collision always presents obstacles and difficulties. In many types of rear-end collisions in the Atlanta area, the tailing vehicle is almost always at fault because it is the responsibility of the tailing motor vehicle’s driver to follow other vehicles at a safe distance and account for the various obstacles in the road. Furthermore, in determining liability, insurance companies, law enforcement, and attorneys will look to whether there is damage at the front end of one of the vehicles and damage to the rear-end of the other vehicle. When damage is found on these parts of the vehicles, this often acts as a strong indication that the trailing vehicle’s driver was at fault for the rear-end collision.

Situations Where The Trailing Vehicle Is Not At Fault

While there is a strong presumption that rear-end collisions are the fault of the trailing vehicle’s driver, this is not always true. Some situations where the trailing vehicle’s driver is not found to be at fault include: when a vehicle makes an unsafe lane change in front of the trailing vehicle and when a motorist in front of the trailing vehicle suddenly stops in the middle of the road.

Compensation for Injuries Due To Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are often less complicated than other car accidents because it is easier to determine liability. Not only is the trailing driver presumed to be at fault, when there is physical damage present to support this presumption then it can be very easy to demonstrate how an accident occurred. Insurance companies, however, still have a tendency to refuse to compensate victims of rear-end collisions. A skilled automobile accident attorney will be able to not only successfully help clients pursue damages against insurance companies but also to initiate legal action in a court of law if the situation requires.

If you have involved in a rear-end collision, consider contacting the attorneys at the The Angell Law Firm, LLC who can help ensure that your case reaches the best potential outcome. Do not hesitate to contact us today at (770) 217-4954 for a free case consultation. If you are unable to visit our firm’s Atlanta location, we make house and hospital calls to the surrounding areas in addition to maintaining virtual offices in many Georgia locations. The first step in recovering from a rear-end collision is retaining the services of a talented automobile accident attorney.

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