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Road Rage Accidents

Nearly all drivers have experienced frustration or anger when another motor vehicle driver cuts them off or tailgates in such a way that almost causes an accident. While it can be very tempting to act on this rage, individuals who let anger take over risk creating a dangerous situation that can cause substantial physical injuries, property damage, and even fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration projects that aggressive driving and road rage comprise one third of all motor vehicle collisions, which is a significant risk for motor vehicle drivers. Given the prevalence of these types of accident and the serious consequences that frequently arise when these situations occur, motor vehicle drivers should understand some basic information about road rage accidents. An Atlanta car accident lawyer will be able to explain what to do in this situation.

The Difference Between Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Road rage is different from aggressive driving.

Aggressive driving includes several types of driving behaviors which include: changing lanes recklessly, driving through red lights or stop signs, disregarding traffic signals, failure to yield, following other motor vehicle drivers too closely, not properly signaling lane changes, passing on the inside lane, speeding, weaving between traffic lanes. Aggressive driving can cause accidents because: aggressive drivers frequently operate motor vehicles at higher than normal speeds which create greater force, aggressive drivers are frequently unable to avoid head-on collisions, and aggressive drivers often do not have full control of their vehicle.

Road rage, however, is even more serious than aggressive driving. In many cases, road rage includes motor vehicle drivers who display some type of violent behavior while driving. Road rage includes cursing, verbal insults, intentionally operating a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner, or making threats against another driver. In some cases, road rage has been known to involve assaults, collisions, and even fatalities. Examples of specific behavior that constitutes road rage includes: pounding on another motor vehicle’s windows, ramming another vehicle with one’s car, throwing objects at another vehicle or driver, and using a weapon to threaten another driver. Whether you experience aggressive driving or road rage, both types of driving patterns are dangerous in nature and can pose a great risk to other motor vehicle operators in the area.

Steps to Decrease the Risk of Aggressive Driving or a Road Rage Accident

There are several essential safety precautions that our Atlanta attorneys advise people to take to reduce the chances of being involved in a road rage accident, which include the following:

  • Avoid Aggravating Other Drivers. Motor vehicle drivers should make sure to: not cut off other drivers while merging, use a vehicle’s signals to indicate a lane change, avoid slowing down in the left-most lane, and not tailgate other motor vehicles. Motor vehicle drivers should avoid flashing their headlights at another driver or shining their “bright” headlights at another motor vehicle driver.

  • Do not Engage Aggressive Drivers. By avoiding eye contact with drivers who are experiencing road, motor vehicle drivers can greatly decrease the change of a road accident occurring. Individuals should instead breathe deeply and count to ten in order to avoid the urge to retaliate.

  • Limit Aggressive Behavior. A vehicle’s horn should rarely if ever be used by a driver. Motor vehicle drivers should also be patient and allow the other driver a parking space if both parties arrive at the same time. Drivers must remember that in many cases, an individual’s best opportunity for obtaining maximum compensation for injuries occur when an individual is without fault in a road rage accident. If road rage is particularly severe, individuals should pull over to the side of the road and if possible, contact law enforcement to report that road rage is occurring.

  • Escape the Driver Experience Road Rage. Motor vehicle drivers use every safe opportunity to escape from an aggressive driver or a driver who is experiencing road rage.

  • Prevent Experiencing Road Rage or Aggression. There are some precautions that motor vehicle drivers can take to avoid experiencing road rage or aggression, which include: making sure one receives an adequate amount of sleep, turning down aggressive music while driving, holding one’s temper in the event that another motor vehicle drivers exercises an aggravating behavior.

Causes of Road Rage

There are several factors that tend to create road rage in drivers, which include: overcrowding which creates competition for space among drivers, the feeling of invulnerability when behind the wheel of a vehicle, drivers who are aggravated at the sight of other motor vehicle drivers that drive while distracted, and a rush to arrive at one’s destination in time. An injury lawyer can help Atlanta residents bring a claim based on an accident caused by any of these factors.

The Consequences of Road Rage and Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving can result in a driver having six points placed on their driver’s license. Due to these points, some drivers who have already been issued points will be issued a limited use driving permit during their suspension period. A limited use driving permit only allows an individual to travel to necessary locations like school and work. For drivers under the age of twenty one, an aggressive driving conviction will suspend their license for a six month period.

Advice for Motorists Who are Involved in Road Rage Accidents

Even if one follows the recommended safety precautions, it is inevitable that some collisions will occur due to roadrage. In the event that this type of accident occurs, individuals should make sure to file a police report. A police report can prove particularly helpful in documenting a road rage accident even though it might prove particularly difficult determine who the driver was who caused the event. Individuals who receive medical assistance should make sure to obtain medical bills and reports which can be used to support an individual’s claim for adequate compensation for injuries incurred due to the accident.

The Services of a Seasoned Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta

If you are the victim of road rage or aggressive driving, make sure to follow the recommended safety precautions. When injuries or fatalities occur due to road rage, make sure to retain the services of an experienced attorney. At the The Angell Law Firm LLC, our legal counsel will fight tirelessly for your rights to receive a sufficient amount of compensation for the physical injuries, property damage, and emotional suffering that you might have experienced due to another motor vehicle driver’s road rage.

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