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Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

One of the most catastrophic injuries, spinal cord injuries are extremely severe and require extensive medical treatment and modifications to life’s day-to-day demands. If you or someone you know or love has been paralyzed or otherwise injured their spine, please call our spinal cord injury attorneys at The Angell Law Firm today, (770) 217-4954. We are here to help you and your family to begin the process towards obtaining financial compensation. While no amount of money will ever fully compensate you for a spinal cord injury, our firm will use a well of legal experience and know-how to help you recover as much as allowed by law.

Unfortunately, over 10,000 spinal cord injury cases occur each year. With such a high frequency, precedents have been set with regard to damages and techniques to determine the strength of your case, and our firm is ready to use this information to help you optimize the value of your case.

Given that spinal cord injuries are likely permanent, with many victims becoming paralyzed or becoming a paraplegic, these injuries take a huge emotional and physical toll on the victims and their family and friends. These types of injuries have taken place from auto accidents, knife wounds, construction site falls, bullet wounds, workplace injuries, and even as the effect of a disease.

Our spinal cords are a very fragile collection of cells, nerves, and tissue. Whenever the cells inside the spinal cord are traumatized or the nerve tract becomes severed, our bodies lose the ability to relay signals up and down past the point of trauma, often leading to paralysis below the locus of injury. To properly file suit based on a spinal cord injury, The Angell Law Firm works with some of the top experts in medicine to help a jury or other interested party understand the full significance of the injury. Some various types of spinal cord injury include:

  • Complete Spinal Cord Injury: While completely severing the spinal cord is rare, the spinal cord can be injured enough so that there is complete loss of sensation and motor ability below the injured location. The mechanism affecting the spinal cord itself can be an issue of bruising, pressure, interference, loss of blood, or a combination of any of these.
  • Anterior Cord Syndrome: The most common form of spinal cord infarction (i.e., tissue’s loss of blood supply), this injury is marked by damage to the anterior portion of the spinal cord. Interestingly enough, because this is an incomplete spinal cord injury, patients cannot feel sensations such as pain or temperature (because they are carried through the anterolateral pathways), but the proprioceptive sense of fine touch is maintained.
  • Central Cord Syndrome: Accounting for approximately 9% of spinal cord injuries, this type of injury is actually one of the more favorable due to its slightly favorable prognosis for a certain amount of neurological and functional recovery. Patients with this type of injury frequently have a disproportionately greater amount of motor and sensory impairment in the upper part of the body compared to the lower.
  • Brown-Sequard Syndrome: One of the most rare forms, this type of spinal cord injury is most commonly caused by a gunshot wound or knife stab to the spinal cord. This injury occurs when the spinal cord is cut in half on one side or the other. The asymmetrical quality of this injury produces the very interesting effect whereby the patient loses motor/muscle control on the side of the body where the spinal cord is severed, however the patient loses pain and temperature sensation on the opposite side of the body.

The spinal cord injury attorneys at The Angell Law Firm will handle your case on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we are victorious on your behalf. If you are ready to start your case or you simply have questions, please give us a call today at (770) 217-4954.

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