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SUV Rollover FAQ

How do most SUV rollovers occur?

Most rollover accidents occur when driver loses control of the SUV. Common causes of loss of control are speeding and sharp turns. Inclement weather also plays a part in SUV rollovers. More than 90% of all rollovers occur after a driver runs off the road. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help victims investigate the cause of a crash.

Why do consumers need to know about SUV rollovers?

Rollovers do not occur as much as other types of car accidents. However, when rollover accidents do occur, they result in more severe accidents such as death or serious injury. SUV rollover accidents accounted for more than 10,000 fatalities in the United States in 1999, which is more than side and rear crashes combined. Some rollover accidents may be preventable if consumers take caution when driving a SUV and realize the importance of wearing seat belts.

What dangers do consumers need to be aware of?

Understanding the risks involved in driving a sport utility vehicle may help prevent unnecessary SUV rollover accidents. A high center of gravity and a narrow wheel track make SUVs top heavy. Another danger that consumers need to be aware of is that more weight increases the chances of a rollover accident. Be careful not to over load your SUV. Our Atlanta attorneys also want consumers to be aware that family vehicles do not contain the roll bars.

What does the NHTSA'S rollover resistance rating mean?

The rollover resistance rating is essentially a measure of how top heavy the vehicle is. During independent studies the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that SUVs were more likely to rollover once they left the roadway - meaning once a driver lost control. As such, NHTSA has rated vehicles that are lower to the ground and wider as the safer vehicles.

Do vehicles with higher rollover resistance ratings mean it is safe from SUV rollovers?

No, even a five-star vehicle has up to a 10% risk of rolling over in a single vehicle crash, as our attorneys understand.

Does electronic stability control affect SUV rollovers?

Most rollover accidents occur when a vehicle runs off the road and the driver loses control of the car either by driving too fast or by taking a turn to quickly. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is designed to assist drivers in maintaining control of their vehicles during extreme steering maneuvers. It senses when a vehicle is starting to spin out or plow out, and it turns the vehicle to the appropriate heading by automatically applying the brake at one or more wheels. While ESC can potentially help prevent a rollover, it cannot stop a driver from driving recklessly nor can it prevent inclement weather. That's why our Atlanta lawyers believe that it is important to know the dangers of SUV rollover accidents.

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