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Tailgating Accidents

Tailgating is an act that refers to driving too closely behind the car in front of a driver. It is not uncommon for motorists in the state of Georgia to tailgate or have another motorists tailgate their vehicle. Victims of tailgating accidents frequently find it essential to contact an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer to discuss their potential options.

Statistics Regarding Tailgating Accidents

Motor vehicle drivers in the state of Georgia must maintain a reasonable distance from other vehicles while traveling on the road. Statistics reveal some startling information about tailgating accidents: thirteen percent of drivers in family or economy cars tailgate, roughly twenty two percent of tailgating accidents include drivers in sports cars, and roughly 23 percent drivers in sports utility vehicles tailgate.

Causes Of Tailgating In Georgia

Motorists who tailgate often exhibit other signs of aggressive behavior including speeding and a general disregard for posted road signs. There are several reasons why tailgating accidents occur in the Atlanta area, which include:

  • Distractions. Drivers who text or talk on a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle are likely to inadvertently tailgate other vehicles on the road.
  • Misjudgment. A number of drivers on Georgia roads misjudge the distance between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them causing the driver to tailgate.
  • Road Rage. Many motor vehicle drivers tend to intimidate other drivers by tailgating and making the driver either move to another lane or increase the speed of their vehicle.
Ways That Tailgating Can Cause An Accident

There are three particular ways in which tailgating can cause a motor vehicle collision. If the tailgating driver causes another driver to feel pressured to speed up, the driver might accidentally collide with another vehicle that is further up the road. If the motor vehicle in front of the tailgating vehicle must stop suddenly, a collision between the two vehicles can quickly occur. There is also a significant risk that a chain-reaction will occur which can cause damage to multiple vehicles.

While tailgating accidents have the potential to result in catastrophic damages and serious injuries, nearly all tailgating accidents are preventable provided that the driver of the tailgating motor vehicle had been more careful and kept a great distance from other vehicles on the road.

Requirements Of A Tailgating Claim

When tailgating accidents occur, victims are frequently able to receive financial compensation from the driver who is responsible for the collisions that occurred. A plaintiff and their Atlanta attorney must first establish that a driver’s tailgating actions were negligent, which is a legal term used to described when an individual’s actions fall below the established standard of care. Accident victims must also demonstrate that the tailgating driver’s actions were the direct cause of damages. Demonstrating that negligence occurred during a tailgating accidents frequently requires individuals to use medical reports, witness testimony, police reports, and in some cases even reconstruction evidence.

Ways To Avoid A Tailgating Accident

Fortunately, there are several driving techniques that motorists can utilize to avoid becoming involved in a tailgating accident, which include the following:

  • Maintain An Adequate Distance. All motor vehicle drivers should allow for adequate distance between their vehicle and the vehicle that is traveling in front of them. If a nearby vehicle is either a motorcycle or a large truck, motorists should make sure to leave an even larger amount of space. A good rule is to allow ten feet of distance for every increment of ten miles per hour an individual is driving.
  • Avoid Aggressive Driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that tailgating is one form of aggressive driving. Aggressive driving is considered to be the operation of a vehicle in a manner that endangers other individuals or property. Rather than engage in aggressive driving behavior, motorists should instead attempt to drive in a defensive manner.
  • Do Not Pump The Brakes. It can be tempting to retaliate against a tailgating driver by pumping on one’s brakes, but this will likely only cause a collision or infuriate the other driver. If a motor vehicle is tailgating on the road, the best response is often to pull over to the side of the road and let the tailgating vehicle pass.
  • Implement Timing Rules. It can prove particularly difficult for motorists to determine the distance between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them. Motorists who are on a dry and clear road should keep a two second distance between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them. When motorists are traveling on wet roads, a four second gap should be kept between the motorist’s vehicle and the vehicle that is traveling in front of them. Motorists who are traveling on icy roads should leave a ten second gap between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them.
  • Remain On The Right. Motor vehicle drivers in Georgia should make sure to stay in the right most lane when driving except to pass other motorists.
  • Speed Limits. Drivers should make sure to follow all posted speed limits when driving a vehicle. Driving at a reasonable speed will allow individuals to stop safely behind the vehicle in front of them.
Advice After A Tailgating Accident

In the unfortunate situation that a tailgating accident occurs, our injury lawyers advise Atlanta residents to follow some essential advice. Individuals should first remember to receive assistance from emergency medical services because not all medical conditions are readily apparent. Individuals should also make sure to immediately contact law enforcement to preserve evidence and document that the accident occurred. Law enforcement will prepare a formal report and likely even issue the driver responsible for the accident a citation for following too closely. 

Obtain The Services Of A Skilled Accident Attorney

Tailgating accidents have the potential to result in serious injuries including whiplash injuries, head trauma, lacerations, burns, seat belt injuries, broken bones, and other serious conditions. Victims who are harmed to a tailgating accident are frequently able to obtain compensation for property damage, medical costs, lost wages, and emotional suffering. It is important to seek the advice of a seasoned auto accident attorney like the legal counsel at Angel Law Firm LLC who can make sure that you receive the compensation that is deserved. If you are interested in obtaining strong legal counsel who will fight tirelessly until you reach the compensation that is deserved, consider contacting our law firm today.

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