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Tailgating in Atlanta is Grounds for a Personal Injury Claim

A car accident can occur due to any number of factors and at any time. Aggressive driving is one type of driving behavior that may cause a car accident. A driver may be swerving around other vehicles or speeding to get to his or her estimation. Another type of aggressive driving behavior that may cause an accident is tailgating. If you have been injured in an accident involving tailgating, contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer right away.

What is Tailgating in Atlanta?

Tailgating is the term describing when one driver follows another driver too closely. The action is highly dangerous because it can cause lead to rear-end collision. Driving too closely gives a driver who is tailgating less time to react. This means that he or she cannot stop effectively because there is insufficient space between the two vehicles to do so without a collision.

It is illegal in Atlanta to tailgate. The law does not actually specify what is too close. Instead, it is determined by a reasonable amount of space between two vehicles.

The Causes of Tailgating in Atlanta

Drivers tailgate for many reasons. Most of the time, careless or inexperienced drivers often tailgate while driving. Other reasons for tailgating may include poor visibility on the road, road rage, distracted driving, or being in a hurry and rushing from one place to another. No matter the reason a driver was tailgating, if the behavior ends in a crash, you need a car accident attorney serving Atlanta on your side to guide you through filing a personal injury claim.

Injuries Related to Tailgating in an Atlanta Car Accident

If tailgating results in a car crash, the injuries can range from minor to devastating. In addition to physical damage to the vehicle involved in the crash, an accident victim may sustain:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury, or TBI
  • Road rash if operating a motorcycle
  • Broken bones
  • Fractured bones
  • Lacerations
  • Internal organ damage
  • Bruises
  • Death
Negligence in Tailgating Accidents in Atlanta

An accident victim may incur damages related to the accident. These damages might include medical costs, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and decreased earning capacity. Typically, to obtain these damages an accident victim files a claim with an insurance company. The company may accept the claim and pay the accident victim. Unfortunately, it may not be that simple; the insurance company may deny the claim. The accident victim may need to file a lawsuit in civil court, and that is where a car accident attorney in Atlanta can be of help.

To win in civil court, negligence must be proven. Negligence means the other driver failed to protect the accident victim from harm. In this situation, the failure to act as a reasonable person involves tailgating. To prove negligence, the Atlanta car accident lawyer must show that the other driver had a legal duty to protect the victim from harm by not tailgating, that the other driver breached that legal duty, that the other driver’s tailgating directly or indirectly caused the victim’s injuries, and that the other driver owes the victim damages for any accident-related injuries.

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