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Talcum Powder Lawsuit

There have been several exposees about the health dangers posed by talcum powder. These reports create a significant concern because most individuals have used talcum powder at some time in the course of their lives. Fortunately, individuals who have been harmed due to exposure to talcum powder might be able to obtain compensation with the help of an Atlanta defective product lawyer.

Why Talcum Powder is Dangerous

Reports on the dangers of talcum powder extend back to 1971. Talcum powder is comprised of talc, which is a mineral that contains magnesium, oxygen, and silicon. Talc that is in its natural form also contains asbestos, which is a deadly substance that has been known to cause several types of cancer.

Used as a dusting agent, individuals sometimes inhale talcum powder, which if inhaled in a large enough amount can result in acute or chronic lung irritation. Talcum powder is also known to cause inflammation and irritation.

There are some cases involving talcum powder as an agent that causes ovarian cancer. Small talc particles in these cases are absorbed into the vagina and travel through the fallopian tubes to the ovaries. Some of the signs that a person may have ovarian cancer include:

  • Abdominal and pelvic pain
  • Back pain
  • Bloating
  • Difficulty eating
  • Urinary problems
  • Vaginal bleeding and discharge

If you are concerned that expsoure to talcum poweder ay have adversely affected your health, get in touch with an Atlanta defective product lawyer immediately.

Medical Journals That Have Linked Talcum Powder to Cancer

Reports that talcum powder was dangerous extends back to 1971. Some of the other studies that have linked talcum powder to adverse health risks include:

  • African American Cancer Epidemiology Study: Published in 2016 by the University of Virginia, this study found that African-American women who frequently use talcum powder are at a great risk for ovarian cancer.

  • Cancer Epidemiology: Published in 2008, this study found that a 36% of ovarian cancer reports increased when comparing 1,400 women who had been diagnosed with the cancer to 1,800 women who were healthy.

  • Cancer Prevention Research: Published in 2013, this study found that women who use talcum powder have a 20 to 30% increased rate of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

  • International Journal of Gynecological Cancer: Published in 2015, this study found that talc users are at an increased rate of 30 to 60% of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Individuals at Risk of Being Harmed by Talcum Powder

Most people who have been exposed to talcum powder, but not everyone, is at significant risk of being diagnosed with cancer due to this exposure. Individuals who used talcum powder frequently for many years are at particular risk of being diagnosed with cancer due to exposure. Talc is used in a variety of products including, most commonly, baby powder and cosmetics. Talc is also used in antacids, asphalt filler, ceramics, chalk, consumer products, contraceptives, crayons, deodorants, flea and tick powders, food, insulation, medications, paint, soap, surgical gloves, and textiles.

Speak with a Defective Product Attorney in Atlanta

If you are a frequent user of talcum powder or if you have begun to notice adverse effects due to this exposure, it is a wise idea to speak with a knowledgeable defective product attorney serving Atlanta. Our legal counsel understand what it takes to make sure that you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

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