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Teen Driver Accidents

Teen drivers face a distinctive dilemma. While teen drivers greatly want the freedom offered by being able to drive, drivers must also remain safe while on the road. Safety is a particularly critical issue when it comes to teen drivers. Demographics reveal that teen drivers are the most likely group to be involved in a serious or fatal car accident. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers are familiar with these types of claims.

Teenage drivers are still learning how to safely operate a motor vehicle. As a result, teen drivers are much more likely to make mistakes while driving. One of the most common issues involved in a teen driver accident is underestimating hazardous road conditions.

Biggest Contributors To Accidents Involving Teenage Drivers

There is no one factor responsible for the high number of collisions involving teenage drivers, but rather there are a variety of conditions that can lead to an accident involving teen drivers. Some of these factors include the following:

  • Alcohol Use. At a time when teenagers are learning how to drive, teenagers still participate in graduation parties or get togethers that might involve alcohol. Teenage drinking is a substantial problem. In many cases, alcohol use contributes significantly towards automobile collisions that involve serious injuries or even death because teen drivers who engage in these dangerous activities are often impaired to such a degree that it becomes impossible to operate a motor vehicle safely. As a result, it is imperative that teenage drivers do not combine alcohol with operation of a motor vehicle.
  • Lack Of Experience. When teen drivers are not fully prepared to handle conditions that arise while operating a motor vehicle, teen driver accidents can occur.
  • Risk Taking Behavior. Younger drivers tend to not appreciate the dangers posed by risk taking behavior like distracted driving and speeding.
  • Distracted Driving. Teenagers must avoid driving motor vehicles while distracted. The most common type of distracted driving occurs when drivers attempt to use cellular phones while operating a motor vehicle. Distracted driving, however, can take several other forms including interacting with passengers, singing or paying too much attention to music, self grooming, and reaching for objects that outside the motorist’s reach. When distracted driving occurs, the motorist’s eyes, hands, or thoughts are taken off of safe operation of a motor vehicle. Our Atlanta lawyers are too familiar with the dangers that are posed by distracted driving.
Georgia Law Regarding Teenage Drivers

In 2007, the state of Georgia enacted Joshua’s Law, which changed the driver’s license requirement for teenage drivers. Joshua’s Law requires teenage drivers to complete a driver education course that is approved by Georgia’s Department of Driver Service and for teenage drivers to complete a total of forty hours of supervised driving experience.

Georgia has also implemented the Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act, which establishes a graduate driver license system for teenage drivers. The Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act contains several steps, which include:

  • Instructional Permits. Drivers must be fifteen years old to apply for an instructional permit. In addition to meeting several requirements, to obtain an instructional permit teenage drivers must complete a knowledge test covering road signs and rules of the road. Teenage drivers with an instructional permit must be accompanied by an adult who is twenty one years of age or older and who has a valid driver’s license.
  • Intermediate License. Drivers who are sixteen years old can apply for an intermediate license provided that the driver has held an instructional permit for one year and passed a driving test. Intermediate licenses come with several restrictions including drivers are not permitted to drive between the hours of 12:00 am and 6 am and drivers are not permitted non-family members during the first six months of holding the license.
  • Full License. If a driver holds an intermediate license for a full year without any major traffic convictions then that driver is granted a full driver’s license.

It also should be noted that law in the state of Georgia requires motor vehicle owners to maintain continuous liability insurance on vehicles. Drivers who do not hold liability insurance on a vehicle risk potential fines and even vehicle impoundment.

Ways That Teen Drivers Can Remain Safe

There are some basic pieces of driving advice that all teenage drivers in the Atlanta area should implement to make sure that a motor vehicle is safely handled. These steps include the following:

  • Be A Good Example. Parents must understand that children learn by example. As a result, parents can begin making sure that children will become cautious drivers by demonstrating motor vehicle safety.
  • Be Cautious When Passing Trucks. Drivers must use extra caution when passing commercial motor vehicles.
  • Discuss Safe Driving Techniques With Children. It is never too soon to begin discussing safe driving methods with children. By making sure these conversations occur, teenage drivers will be better prepared for the responsibilities of operating a motor vehicle and more aware of the existing dangers.
  • Do Not Drive Distracted. Teenage drivers must make sure to not use cellular phones while operating a motor vehicle.
  • Drive Cautiously In Adverse Weather Conditions. Not just teenage drivers but all drivers must make sure to travel slow when it is either raining or snowing.
  • No Speeding Around Sharp Turns. Many accidents occur on curved sections of road. As a result, teenage drivers are urged to drive cautiously in these areas.
  • Seat Belt Usage. Teenage drivers must always wear seatbelts when driving. Many motorists tend to overlook the safety benefits provided by merely wearing a seatbelt.
  • Sign Up For A Driving Class. If a teenage driver needs additional help driving or feels uncomfortable driving in any way, it is a wise idea for the driver to sign up for a driving class to improve the teenage driver’s skill in operating a motor vehicle.

The parents of teenage driver can help ensure safety for teen drivers by making sure that teenage drivers implement these various practices when operating motor vehicles.

How Legal Counsel Can Help

If you or a loved one has been involved in a teen driver accident, it is essential to avoid providing written or recorded statements about the accident to insurance companies, who might attempt to use this information to limit the amount of compensation that can be awarded. speaking to an experienced accident attorney at The Angell Law Firm, LLC is an excellent first step to take.

By contacting The Angell Law Firm today, clients can begin making sure that they receive the compensation for the automobile accident that is deserved. Our Atlanta lawyers also understand that teenage driver accidents can leave accident victims unable to visit our law office in person so our firm offer house and hospital calls as well. Teenage driving accidents can unfortunately leave substantial damage and contacting an experienced accident attorney is the first step that individuals can take towards the best potential outcome is reached.

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