Train Accidents

Train Accidents

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the lawyers at The Angell Law Firm are on hand to represent those members of the public who have been wrongfully injured by a train – whether an occupant of a train during a train accident or being struck by a moving train as a pedestrian.

True, the advent of locomotive transportation was a major boon for the American economy. It is quite possible that America would have never experienced the Industrial Revolution if not for the invention of the steam engine. However, advances in transportation come with a price and increased safety risk. It is no small wonder that extremely heavy trains moving at fast rates of speed can pose such a substantial danger to its occupants or to those people who come near.

Over 2,900 people are injured each year as the result of a train accident. While The Angell Law Firm is extremely interested in seeing the appropriate governmental and industrial bodies take corrective action to reduce this number, our train accident attorneys are ready to help you recover your due financial recompense from the responsible parties in any train accident.

The United States contains over 140,000 miles of transport railway, with Georgia containing more than 4,000 miles of railway. Whether it is the MARTA system in Atlanta, an Amtrak line cutting across the state, or the myriad of commercial and industrial railways, there are countless miles of railway that provide a commercial benefit as well as pose a risk to the safety of those people who cross the tracks. Given the enormous amount of mass belonging to a train, most train accidents and train collisions cause very serious consequences, injury, and likely, death. A train hitting a car is comparable to car hitting a can of soda. The difference in mass between a train and a car or, even worse, a train and a pedestrian is catastrophic. In the case of a catastrophic injury from a train accident injury, you need to turn to a lawyer who has demonstrated success in the courtroom and who will leave no stone unturned in the process of helping you recover financially.

While the technology and experts needed to do accident reconstruction for a traditional motor vehicle accident are exceptional and highly specialized, deconstructing the engineering and physics factors for a train accident can be even more demanding. That is why you need a law firm who understands which experts to use and who has access to the technology required to properly determine causation, liability, and damages in the event of a train accident. Fortunately, the train accident attorneys here at The Angell Law Firm are ready to take your Georgia train accident case and provide you with experienced trial lawyers who know how to properly represent you or your family member if injured in this way.

Because most, if not all, trains are owned by large corporations, the at-fault party for the company who owns the train in question, will likely have an arsenal of lawyers and experts on their side, determined to limit their liability to an injured victim of a train accident. The train accident lawyers at The Angell Law Firm are ready to help you no matter how big of an uphill battle it may seem at first. You deserve an honest and determined legal team who will employ all of the nuances available by law and help ensure that you are given the justice you and your family deserve.

If you need a seasoned and excellent train accident attorney in Georgia, give The Angell Law Firm a call today at (770) 217-4954. You will pay nothing upfront and you will pay nothing if we are not victorious on your behalf. Our attorneys are ethical, determined, experienced, and ready to work tirelessly on your behalf. If a train has injured you, get in touch with us today and speak directly with an attorney. Given the high probability of the other side’s voluminous legal team, time is of the essence and you need to speak with a train accident attorney as soon as possible. Even if you decide that The Angell Law Firm is not the right firm to represent your interests, we will be more than happy to answer whatever questions you may have.