Truck Accident Causes

Causes of Tractor Trailer Accidents

What causes truck accidents and how to prevent them

Georgia Truck Accident Causes

Tractor trailers can be seen on the highways of every state all across the nation. They are most often used to move goods from one location to another and as such, they simply cannot be avoided. And yet there are so many tractor trailer accidents in the United States each year that it's terrifying to even look at the figures. What is causing all of these accidents and what can we do about them?

Every 16 minutes, someone is killed or injured in a truck accident, with a disproportionate number of these involving a tractor trailer specifically. Of all of the traffic accidents, 65% of them include larger trucks and tractor trailers with a large percentage of these accidents happening in the states of California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania. 68% of tractor trailer accidents happen in rural areas, which means it doesn't matter where you travel, you can encounter an accident with one of these trucks. Additionally, 68% of the accidents happen during daylight hours and 78% percent of them happen on the weekends.

Some of the most common causes of tractor trailer accidents include but are not limited to:

  1. Reckless driving
  2. Mechanical failure
  3. Tractor trailer driving following other vehicles too closely
  4. Tractor trailer driver being distracted
  5. Failure to yield to right of way
  6. Failure to signal lane changes
  7. Tractor trailer traveling at speeds that exceed the speed limit or load that is being carried
  8. Defective brakes
  9. Brake failure
  10. Slippery road
  11. Lack of training
  12. Driver fatigue
  13. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  14. Poor driving conditions
  15. Running off the road

Most of these causes of tractor trailer accidents can be avoided. You cannot control what a tractor trailer driver is doing when he is on the road but you can be involved by always using extreme caution when you are sharing the road with one. By giving them a wide berth and allowing them to go around you or by simply staying away from them, you will hopefully avoid being involved in one of the many tractor trailer accidents that will unfortunately occur both in the US and internationally.

Truck Driver Fatigue

Although there are rules and regulations governing the length of time a truck driver can drive, many drivers ignore these rules, or engage in other strenuous activities when they are not driving. Stress can be another source of a driver's failure to maintain safe driving standards.

Drugs and Alcohol

There are strict rules and regulations regarding the use of drugs (even over-the-counter drugs or medication) and/or alcohol for truck drivers. Drugs and alcohol can impair a truck driver's reaction time or impair a truck driver's decision making skills. If a truck driver takes any drug (prescription, illegal, or over-the-counter) that will affect his or her ability to safely operate the vehicle, then the Georgia law prohibits that truck driver from operating a commercial vehicle. You need an attorney that has the skills necessary to get these important facts and the experience to ensure you receive the best legal representation in your truck accident claim.