What to Look for When Purchasing a New Car


Millions of people are injured in car crashes every year. While many of these accidents are unavoidable, others could have been mitigated if the victims had been driving cars equipped with specific safety features. Unfortunately, even the most cautious and prepared driver can be injured in a crash, so if you were recently injured in a crash that was caused by another person’s negligence, it is crucial to speak with an experienced Pike County personal injury attorney who can help you seek compensation for your losses.

Airbags and Antilock Brakes

Airbags have become standard safety equipment in all vehicles. However, recent technological advances have improved their effectiveness even further. For instance, newer airbag systems are often able to detect whether a person is sitting in a seat, and if so, how much he or she weighs. If a passenger weighs less than a certain amount, the system will automatically deactivate the front airbags. This protects children from sustaining serious injuries that are often inflicted by airbags, such as facial fractures and punctured lungs. Many new cars are also equipped with side airbags, which when deployed, protect those in the back seat from being cut by flying debris or from being ejected from the car.

Antilock Brakes and Electronic Stability Control

Antilock brakes are another safety feature that have become extremely popular for family vehicles such as SUVs. Antilock brake systems help prevent a car’s wheels from locking up and sliding when they hit an icy or slick patch on the road, which allows drivers to retain steering control. Many cars with antilock brakes also come equipped with electronic stability control systems, which use a series of sensors to detect wheel speed, steering, angle, and sideways motion. When the system senses that a car is drifting, it causes one or more wheels to brake and so allows the car to remain on course.

Warning Systems

Many newer cars also come equipped with backup cameras that allow drivers to see behind them while reversing. These systems also usually come with audible warnings that go off when another object is sensed behind the car. A similar system, made up of radar and cameras can also warn drivers who are initiating a lane change, but have a car in their blind spot. Often, this warning takes the form of a beeping sound or a flashing light on the side mirror.

Seat Belts

Seat belts have also become safer than ever. This is in large part due to a few key changes in design. For instance, many new cars are equipped with inflatable seat belts, which expand during impact and so help spread the force over a wider area of a person’s chest. This in turn helps protect the ribs and lungs of more fragile passengers. Most seat belts also come with pretensioners, which cause seat belts to retract after a car decelerates, reducing the impact on the passenger’s chest.

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