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Work Zone Accidents in Georgia

Construction zones in the state of Georgia are full of hazards that can result in significant property damages and serious injuries. Some of these hazards include careless drivers who rush through work zones, inattentive drivers who fail to follow posted signs regarding the work zone, and reckless drivers who ignore the commands of individuals who are directing traffic.

Statistics Regarding Work Zone Accidents

The most recent statistics compiled by the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration report that in 2013 there were 67,523 crashes that occurred in work zones. These work zone accidents represent 1.2 percent of all motor vehicle collisions that occurred in 1.2 percent. Not only did these injuries occur at a significant rate, these accidents tended to involve significant injuries. In 2013, approximately one quarter of all work zone collisions resulted in injuries to motorists. The Georgia Department of Transportation reports that in 2005 there 61 workers who died in work zone accidents.

Causes of Work Zone Accidents

Many work zone accidents are caused to distracted driving, construction debris, excessive speeding, and improper signage. In addition to the ways that motor vehicle accidents can occur outside of a work zone, motor vehicles accidents inside a work zone can also occur due to:

  • Construction Defects. Workers who fail to build or refurbish a roadway in accordance with scheduled plans can cause motor vehicle accidents to occur.
  • Defective Paving. A significant drop off between the road and the road’s shoulder can cause a motor vehicle driver to lose control of their vehicle.
  • Failure To Meet Compliance. Work zones that fail to satisfy established Georgia and federal regulations can cause injuries due to motor vehicle accidents to occur.
  • Inadequately Marked Construction Lanes. When construction zones are inadequately marked, motor vehicle drivers can become confused about where their vehicle is supposed to travel.
  • Merging Construction Vehicles. Roadway maintenance vehicles are regularly entering and exiting the section of highway adjacent to the work zone. Motor vehicle drivers frequently have a hard time spotting merging construction vehicles, which can lead to vehicle collisions.
  • Narrowed Lanes. There are various pieces of equipment including cones and barrels that construction zone workers use to narrow lanes that are available for motor vehicle drivers. Drivers who are suddenly faced with significantly narrows roadways are at a risk of being involved in a collision.
  • Poor Signage. Work zones that are improperly marked can cause serious injuries and even fatalities for motor vehicle drivers.
  • Workers In The Road. Many times in construction zones, workers are near or even in the adjacent roadway. A distracted or inattentive driver is at danger of suddenly noticing these workers and quickly using a vehicle’s brakes, which has the potential to cause a multiple vehicle accident.
  • Zone Workers. Construction zone workers can negligently cause motor vehicle accidents in several ways, which include: leaving objects or tools in the road, not properly warning drivers of dangers presented by the work zone, and dropping material onto passing traffic.
Key Steps To Avoid Accidents

One of the most important steps that motorists should apply to avoid many work zone accidents is to pay attention to one’s surroundings. Motor vehicle drivers, however, should utilize many other steps to avoid becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident including the following:

  • Be Informed. By learning about work zones in one’s immediate location, an individual can anticipate potential delays and avoid a work zone if possible.
  • Do Not Driver Distracted. Driving distracted is the cause of many work zone accidents. By avoiding any type of distracted behavior when passing through a work zone, workers can make sure that they sufficiently focus on roadside conditions when traveling through a work zone.
  • Follow Posted Signs. Motor vehicle drivers must follow all posted directions while traveling within the work zone. Two of the most common safety precautions include not changing lanes while in a work zone and obeying the workers who are tasked with directing traffic within the work zone.
  • Keep Your Distance. Motor vehicle drivers should make sure to keep an ample enough distance from other vehicles so that the driver will not strike the other vehicle if the driver must stop suddenly.
  • Slow Down. Motor vehicle drivers should slow enough enough to adhere posted speed limits and be able to monitor merging and changes in speed with the surrounding traffic.
  • Wear A Seatbelt. Many state and federal agencies advise motorists to wear a seatbelt, which is the best available defense in response to a construction site motor vehicle accident.
How To Respond To A Work Zone Accident

Motorists who are involved in a collision within a work zone should remember to practice a few essential safety steps.

Motorists should make that emergency services are contacted if anyone is injured at the scene of the accident. Law enforcement should also be contacted because a report will need to be filed regarding exactly how the motor vehicle accident occurred. Involved parties should also contact their insurance company to inform the agency about the incident and make sure you obtain insurance information from the other involved drivers.

Many motor vehicle drivers involved in a work zone accident also find it essential to contact a knowledgeable Georgia highway construction accident attorney. Motorists involved in a work zone accident are often able to pursue compensation from construction workers, a construction company, or other motor vehicle drivers.

Obtain The Services Of A Skilled Georgia Accident Attorney

If you were injured by another driver in a construction zone, consider contacting an experienced accident attorney at The Angell Law Firm LLC. The driver responsible for your injuries should be held responsible for their actions. A skilled car accident attorney can help pursue compensation for damages by either facilitating contact with the other party’s insurance company or provide strong representation and develop an aggressive legal strategy in a court of law. A talented attorney can also help: investigate exactly how a motor vehicle collision occurred or assist in filing a wrongful death lawsuit on the behalf of a loved one. Do not hesitate to contact our law firm today.

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