When you are injured in a work related accident and file your workers compensation claim, you will have many questions about how to proceed with your case.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about managed care and rehabilitation that will be important for your case.

What is the difference between a  rehabilitation supplier and a case manager?

The workers’ comp board defines a case manager as someone who manages the case pursuant to the MCO regulated by Rule 208; and the person providing the case management is referred to by the Board as a Case Manager.

All other case management is regulated by Rule 200.1, and the person providing the workers comp case management is referred to by the workers comp Board as a Rehabilitation Supplier.

What is a voluntary rehabilitation supplier?

voluntary rehabilitation supplier is providing services on a workers comp case that occurred after 7/1/1992 date of accident claim that has not been designated by the Board as catastrophic case.

What is a rehabilitation consultant?

rehabilitation consultant is a person employed outside of the employer/insurer/third party administrator who is paid/hired by the workers comp adjuster to provide guidance on the employee’s medical and rehabilitation needs.

What is a direct employee of an employer, insurer or third party administrator?

direct employee of an employer/insurer/third party administrator is person who receives their paycheck and benefits from that particular party.

This must be contrasted with the “direct” hiring of a person employed by someone else or self-employed to perform the case management services on behalf of the employer/insurer/third party adjuster.